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Manage building portfolios in an efficient way, and reduce cost and consumption.

Provide the benefits of EnergyDeck in your own white labelled platform to your customers.

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EnergyDeck Pricing

Our new Free Access plan is designed to get you started with EnergyDeck. It allows you to upload your entire building portfolio as well as meters and metrics onto the platform. Manage all your data in a single account, add unlimited admin users, track costs and get access to automatic performance benchmarks plus charts at building and portfolio level. Say good-bye to spreadsheets and benefit from the ease of use and automated analytics of EnergyDeck.


Standard Access

Standard Access is the right plan for you if you are interested in advanced features or want to add automatic data feeds to your account. Get access to Analytics, Reporting, Project Management and one-click GRESB reporting. Assign different access levels and sites to users in your organisation and beyond. Standard Access starts at £250/month and provides you with the full core EnergyDeck functionality. Pricing for automatic data feeds starts at £3/month.


What you get for free

Unlimited sites, i.e. buildings and subsites such as floors or building areas

Unlimited meters & metrics, including electricity, gas, water, waste, travel etc

Manual data entry or spreadsheet upload of consumption data

Data intervals from one reading/year up to one reading/minute

Unlimited users at admin level (user roles require Standard Access)


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The Free Access account is designed to be fully self-serve, so you don’t need to call us for a demo or to get set up - it’s all yours!

However, we’re still here to help. If you have questions regarding your account, how to get access to additional features, or just got stuck, then get in touch with us at: support@energydeck.com.

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EnergyDeck has a flexible and cost-effective pricing model that adapts to your requirements. Please leave your details and we will let you know how we can help. If you prefer, contact us directly.

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