Get detailed insights fast, through better metering

EnergyDeck can support all your data acquisition needs - from technology and supplier selection to installation and operation of metering systems - helping you gain access to granular, real-time performance data for energy, water and environmental metrics.

While we live in a hyper connected world, data acquisition in buildings is often an arduous, manual process. This leads to a lack of reliable data and ultimately limited insights into building performance. EnergyDeck changes that through the range of services we offer, and the integration with a wide range of metering systems and formats.

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High quality data services

High quality energy and resource data is often hard to come by in buildings. Traditional meters are typically "dumb", have to be manually read, and only provide very basic information that is rarely accessible in digital form. Smart meters and connected sensors take data acquisition to the next level.

If your data is in spreadsheets and possibly coming from different suppliers, we help collate and transform it into one of our supported formats (see full list here), so that it can be easily uploaded to the platform.

We also provide metering services from strategy development to technology analysis and supplier selection. Furthermore, we fit and operate meters and sensors, and ensure that metering and building management systems that are already installed in your sites can be fully accessed and utilised.

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Integrated Air Quality Monitoring for indoor environments

Our integrated air quality monitoring (AQM) solution allows users to quickly deploy sensors across their estate, and capture data on an ongoing basis. Well-known benefits from healthy indoor environments include employee / occupant well-being and increased levels of productivity, among others.

The EnergyDeck system can track metrics including PM (2.5 and 10), CO2, VOC, relative humidity and temperature, in addition to lux and more specialised parameters (depending on sensor capabilities). We provide a plug and play solution based on advanced, RESET-certified sensor technologies, integrated wireless networking, and direct data feeds to our platform.

EnergyDeck air quality dashboard screenshot
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Construction site monitoring made easy

There is clearly a strong business case for energy and resource efficiency during the building construction process. EnergyDeck can help construction companies become leaders in this field by providing a turnkey system that delivers cost savings from intelligent selection of site equipment, and helps them achieve credits from major certification bodies.

Wireless meters and loggers can be easily fitted to segment the site into zones (e.g. main water, utility power, welfare, mixing areas, cranes etc.) The devices all operate within a wireless mesh network and automatically send the data to the central EnergyDeck platform.

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End-to-end metering management

EnergyDeck is able to provide turnkey metering services. We can help you navigate the myriad of different technologies and suppliers in the metering space, and recommend the best solution for your needs. If you already have a metering system installed, we can ensure it connects to our platform and the data can be fully utilised for advanced analysis. But our services don’t end there - we can install and operate standalone metering systems and even ensure connectivity with existing building management systems.

Meter or sensor data is transmitted to the EnergyDeck platform automatically via e.g. FTP, HTTP, APIs (or even Emails). We can work with almost any data format; and if a required format isn’t supported yet, we easily can add it to our platform.

EnergyDeck metering flow diagram

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