Owner / Occupier

Service Provider

Manage building portfolios in an efficient way, and reduce cost and consumption.

Provide the benefits of EnergyDeck in your own white labelled platform to your customers.

Owner / Occupier

Service Provider

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One Platform

Track and manage all your buildings, metrics, projects and stakeholders in one easy to use platform

Everything at your fingertips

All your asset, meter and consumption data is made accessible through our web based platform. Invite users to contribute data and share information with them to drive engagement across your organisation.

Connect anything

EnergyDeck makes data acquisition and management as easy as can be. Enter data manually, upload spreadsheets, directly connect AMR (automatic meter reading) sources or IP (Internet Protocol) enabled sensors.

  • Easy data input / import
  • Full building monitoring - energy, resources and environmental metrics
  • Unlimited users and granular role allocation
  • Suppliers and service providers can provide data directly through EnergyDeck
  • Connectivity to existing meters, systems and databases
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Flexible Reporting

Easily access your energy and resource data, generate reports and share information with key stakeholders

Portfolio Reporting

EnergyDeck provides instant access to high-level portfolio and detailed building performance. Web reports can be dynamically generated and easily shared with stakeholders as PDF reports.

Flexible data export

Data can be exported in a number of ways, including as spreadsheets (CSV) at any organisational level, directly from user configured charts and automatically for industry standards such as GRESB.

  • Dynamic (instant) web reporting
  • CSV export from any organisation, meter or chart level
  • Flexible PDF report generator
  • One-click GRESB survey export
  • Integrated carbon footprint reporting
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Advanced Analytics

Get actionable insights into building performance through automated analytics of asset and meter data

Automatic Benchmarking

Automatic calculation of building and subsite level benchmarks and comparison against similar sites in own portfolio, national standards, the EnergyDeck database or custom user groups.

Meter Level Analytics

Flexible analysis of consumption data at building, subsite and meter level. Includes resource, cost and carbon footprint views as well as overlays of degree day data and environmental metrics.

  • Performance benchmarking at site and subsite level
  • Different reference systems for benchmarks (e.g. portfolio, industry groups, EnergyDeck database)
  • Meter level analytics including key ratios
  • Regression analysis against degree day data
  • Overlay of environmental metrics (e.g. air quality, CO2, temperature)
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Project Tracking

Track resource efficiency projects, measure results and understand the financial return on investment (ROI)

Track & validate savings measures

Setting up resource conservation measures (‘projects’) can be done in a few simple steps. EnergyDeck will automatically determine the expected project impact and calculate cost savings.

Direct access to shared best practices

All users of EnergyDeck have access to our Projects Database, where the submitted savings measures are stored in fully anonymised form. Projects can also be shared among specific groups and communities.

  • Flexible project tracking for any metric and meter
  • Automatic calculation of project impact in terms of expected cost and carbon savings
  • Possibility to upload and store energy audit reports
  • All users have access to anonymised projects database to learn about applicable measures
  • Workflow management and IPMVP-based project impact assessment (under development)

Owner / Occupier

Service Provider

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Customer value, delivered

Provide your customers with a state of the art energy and resource management platform and differentiate your service offering from the competition

Easy access to key performance data

Your customers can easily access all the key data for their buildings, assets and meters through EnergyDeck's intuitive, web-based interface. No software installation or training is required.

Full detail on consumption and costs

Enable your customers to drill down into meter level data to analyse building performance and equipment consumption patterns. Provide key aM&T services in a highly accessible way.

  • Easy to use interface with high level dashboards
  • Fully web-based / hosted (no client side installation or setup required)
  • Customers can drill down into meter level analytics
  • Access to reporting features - e.g. CO2, PDF, GRESB
  • Customers can use Projects module to track savings measures
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Smart and efficient data management

Improve your data management flexibility, streamline internal workflows and focus on value-added services

No more spreadsheets

EnergyDeck takes care of all your data management needs, including customer portolios, meters and supply contracts. In addition it is possible to store PDF documents such as EPC and audit reports online.

Flexible report generator

The integrated PDF report generator allows to dynamically build customer reports and schedule them for distribution, removing the need for time intensive manual copy and paste operations.

  • Highly flexible data acquisition
  • AMR data, spreadsheet upload and manual entries
  • Wide range of metrics available including electricity, gas, heat, water, waste and environmental metrics
  • Full range of international unit systems and currencies with automatic conversion
  • Automatic data quality assessment
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Full white labeling and customer management

Make EnergyDeck yours - with your own logo, URL and customer management you always own the customer experience end to end

Use your own brand and web address

Full white labeling allows to replace the EnergyDeck logo with your own, and to remove the EnergyDeck specific footer section. In addition, we can activate the platform to be accessible via your own URL (web address).

Manage all your customers in one place

Setup and manage customers and users directly in EnergyDeck, and allocate roles and access rights to them at an individual basis.

  • Remove any EnergyDeck references
  • Run EnergyDeck off your own URL
  • Manage your customer accounts directly through the platform
  • Fully hosted and managed - no installation required
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Flexible data export for apps and analytics

Build your own, fully customised apps or analytics on top of EnergyDeck - focus on providing customer service without losing time on data acquisition and management

Export data for further processing

Building and meter consumption data can be exported and then used for further processing. This can include spreadsheet analysis, invoice validation, reporting, building modeling etc.

Tablet and phone apps (coming soon)

Service providers and customers can independently develop tablet and smartphone apps that are fully customised and use data from the EnergyDeck platform as input (requires subscription to core EnergyDeck platform for meter data and API management).

  • Flexible data export at building, meter and chart level
  • Automatically feed data to custom built apps
  • Apps fully owned and managed by customer
  • Apps can be developed in house, by third party or EnergyDeck
  • Build your own analytics, e.g. for energy efficiency assessments, regression analysis, invoice validation